Hope + Josh by matt wolfe [cc]

Congrats to this crazy and fun couple! After watching Hope give her speech at Faith's wedding, how could Hope's wedding be any less entertaining?!? Fun times at the beach for sure.

Music: "We Belong Together" by VOWS (via musicbed.com).
Shot on Canon 5Dmk3 and C100mk2. Edited in Adobe Premiere Pro CC.

Becca + Ryan by matt wolfe [cc]

Congrats to Becca & Ryan on getting hitched! Always a fun time with this group of girls!

Music: "You Shine" by Andrew Simple (via SongFreedom.com).
Shot on Canon 5Dmk3 and C100mk2. Edited in Premiere Pro CC.

David Wilcox Concert by matt wolfe [cc]

Randomly saw that Wilcox was playing in Auburn on a Thursday night. Even though I couldn't find anyone that could go on short notice, I drove to Auburn with the thinking: "Hey, I AM WORTH going to see Wilcox solo."

I always enjoy Wilcox and his profundity revealed by weaving song and story-telling together.

Here are some things I was able to jot down:

"The hardest songs to write are the ones about the beauty we take for granted."

"Human hearts don't work until they're broken; it's counter-intuitive."

"...a conversation where I have that righteous anger, and it's no longer a conversation; in the time they're talking, I'm reloading..."

"Divers die from coming up too fast from the depths. Musicians die from coming down from the heights. Because nobody teaches them how..."

Restaurant Sides by matt wolfe [cc]

In some neighborhoods, restaurants be like: "Our sides are french fries, baked potato, baked sweet potato, fruit cup, or steamed veggies; for an extra dollar we'll make it a loaded baked potato!"

In my neighborhood: "Sides are french fries, hot wings, or both."