frequently asked questions

1. Do you do picture sessions? I do not. But I know several photographers that would love your business. Send me a message and I'll send you a list of people I know!

2. I don't see pricing on your page; what do your videos normally cost? It really depends on everything that you want, and of course any fees (like travel). Just use the CONTACT page to let me know what you're looking for and I can let you know. 

3. I noticed you don't have a ceremony video listed in your wedding package selections. Why is that? I don't bring enough cameras to record enough angles (which for any event you want minimum 3 but 5 is preferred) to make a ceremony video and do it justice. So if I am shooting your wedding, I do turn over the ceremony footage, but it's not something I highlight that I do; I focus on what I do better, which in this case, or trailer/ highlights videos. 

4. What if I need to cancel on you for whatever reason, or no reason, for any creative project? Just let me know as soon as possible in case someone else wants to enlist my art. Any retainer fee is forfeit, but any other moneys you have paid will be returned. 

5. When do I have to pay you if I've got you scheduled for my project? Outside of any retainer fees, most people pay on the day of the project. If you need to make other arrangements, just let me know. I accept check, cash, and Star Wars Legos (maaaaaaybe). 

6. How do I get a copy of my video? I host my videos on If you sign up (it's free) you can download the video from Vimeo. I will also include a copy on the complimentary thumbdrive I send you that will also have footage from the project.

7. Is there an extra fee for the footage from the wedding? No. However, the footage is not color corrected or treated in any way, and comes in individual clips, not as a continuous video. ALSO, because I shoot with the intention of making a highlights video this is not the same as someone shooting home video where they are recording long continuous shots. 

8. I heard you don't take shot lists; what do you mean you don't take shot lists? HA! That means if you get me on board to shoot your wedding video, it means you trust me to make the best art possible with the equipment I have. And, to be honest, I probably want to do that more than you even want to have your video made. Whomever you choose to get make your wedding video, make sure they are someone you trust to capture the moments of the day!

9. I'm having a fancy wedding, and you'll need to dress up. Sorry, I don't dress up. I don't wear ties. I don't tuck my shirt in. My typical fare is black shirt and dark jeans. 

10. How long until you are done with my video? Currently, with my schedule being so busy, it usually takes up to 4 weeks. But it really depends on when creativity strikes.

11. Can I pick any song to use in the video, or do you pick the music or what? For wedding videos, most brides leave the music selection to me. I currently license music through The Music Bed and SongFreedom. You may peruse through there, if you wish, and request a song. (To date, only 2 brides have done that.) If the song you want is not on there, I can look around for some other licensing vendors, but usually it means I can't license that particular music choice. For other video projects, that would need to be discussed during the planning meetings.

12. Why do you have to license the music, can't you just use the song I want if I buy it off iTunes or Amazon MP3? I license music because I like supporting artists to use their art. Also, it's illegal. :D

13. Since you do video, will you take my wedding photos??? No. I don't do wedding still photography.

I think that about sums it up. If you have any further questions, just let me know by using the CONTACT page!



FAQ is subject to change without notice.