since i've recently discovered creating new picture profiles, i've decided that as i make them and test them out that i'd offer them to you as well! maybe you'll like them, maybe not as much as i do - either way, i hope you enjoy making new creative projects with them. please do not redistribute them; just point them here and they can be downloaded that way. thanks!

styles created and used with the Canon 7D.

Flat Soda, Hoppy, Marco and Neue Profiles

HOPPY is meant to be blown out a little, i like to dial it down to see what coloring i can do with it afterwards.

NEUE is meant to be almost a little underexposed so a gamma shift later won't blow it out.

MARCO is just a yellow coloring, with maybe some interesting possibilities later in how to color it.

And FLAT SODA was my attempt to dial in towards the Cinestyle look but with a little more contrast in it.

to download any of the picture profiles, right-click and choose "save as" in order to download them.

flat soda - sample video below with no color correction added

marco - sample video below with no color correction